Weld Inspection Checklist

Welding Inspection Item New Zealand Code Reference New Zealand Compliance
1 Has the extent of non-destructive examination been nominated/ approved by the design engineer. NZS 3404:1997, Appendix D section D2 Project documentation
2 Inspections carried out in accordance with the AS/NZS 1554. AS/NZS 1554.1: 2011 section 7 Inspection reports
3 Welding inspection personnel qualifications evidence of. AS/NZS 1554.1 section 7.2 Welding inspection personnel qualification records
4 Non-destructive examination personnel qualifications and evidence of. AS/NZS 1554.1 section 7.4 NDT personnel qualification reports
5 Final inspection reporting inspected welds comply with permissible imperfections of SP or FP weld as applicable. AS/NZS 1554.1 section 6 AS/NZS 1554.5, Section 6 Findal Inspection reports