Engineered Solutions and Concepts

Oceania Steel offers technical packages for temporary works and method optimization. We pride ourselves on innovation.
We provide third party services which include:

  • Full project drawing and methodology review.
  • Sensitivity analysis of comparative temporary or enabling works systems & methods.
  • Concept design and costings of engineered solutions for temporary and enabling works.
  • Final design, detailed engineering, and fabrication of concept systems.
  • 3D images and animations of virtual concept in method and sequence.

Want to develop a concept for a project or commercialization? Need Help?

  • We can assist with development of your concepts and ideas.
  • We can joint venture concept and product development.
  • We can offer or integrate our concepts and ideas to assist your project.
  • We can bring to life your concepts and ideas via animation and 3D images.
  • Concepts may include tools and temporary works solutions and development.
  • We can enter into nondisclosure arrangements specific to your ideas in order to protect yours and any shared intellectual property.

Design Samples