Oceania Steel is a New Zealand Agent for Helix Micro Rebar.  For any enquiries please contact sales@oceaniasteel.com

What is Helix Micro Rebar

  • Helix looks like a steel fiber but does not behave like one.
  • Helix is 25 mm long x 0.15mm diameter, twisted, high tensile, zinc-galvanized steel micro rebar. (25,000 per Kg).
  • Helix is patented and it is the only product of its kind on the market today.
  • Helix provides required structural strength, increases the modulus of rupture (first-crack) and the shear resistance and durability of concrete.
  • Helix significantly improves the modulus of elasticity and it is unique in this.

Helix Facts;

  • Stronger
  • Faster
  • Easier
  • Cheaper
  • Lasts Longer
  • Only Substitute for Rebar
  • Smaller Carbon Footprint

For further information please go to https://helixsteel.com.au/

Helix Tech Talk

The twisted steel Micro-Rebar within the concrete mix provides enhanced flexural and shear strength properties while reducing concrete cracking and associated stiffness degradation. The high-strength Helix Micro-Rebar, with a tensile strength of 1700MPa and unique twisted design, allows for efficient re-distribution of tensile stresses within the concrete to mitigate crack formation,

resulting in a significant increase in the strain capacity of the concrete. Micro-Rebar concrete can be implemented in combination with traditional reinforcing cages as well as post-tensioning. The use of Micro-Rebar also allows for the reduction, and in some applications the complete elimination, of longitudinal and transverse reinforcement in Reinforced Concrete Piles. Helix Micro-Rebar is galvanised during production and forms a zinc oxide protective layer when mixed into the concrete, providing enhanced corrosion resistance over traditional reinforcement.”

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